Ride-sharing service Lyft has been updated to offer users a new Happy Hour feature that promises to cut the cost of the price of journeys at quiet times.

Announced today by the company, the Happy Hour option isn’t tied to specific hours of the day and is instead active “during slower times on the road”, according to a blog post.

During these quieter times, the cost of a ride will be reduced by between 10 percent and 50 percent with the idea being that a higher volume of lower-cost lifts could actually net drivers more money. For example, “a driver who would normally have one ride per hour at $12 may now see two or more rides per hour at $9,” Lyft said.


The move is pretty much an opposite play to the introduction of Uber’s Surge Pricing model which increases the cost of rides at busy times to get more drivers on the roads and keep demand capped.

Users can access the new feature once they’ve updated the iOS or Android apps.

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Featured Image Credit – Lyft