Cleeng, the service that lets brands, organizations or anyone else monetize their own live events, has launched a new feature which allows users to get set up in minutes instead of days.

The new feature, Cleeng Live, offers largely the same feature set as Cleeng’s standard service, but instead of taking between half a day and a couple of days to set up all the information, users can now do it themselves in just a few minutes.

Using the system, the user can set the price, event description, background image and social links. When ready, it’s published to its own event page so they can start promoting it.

The company thinks that switching the setup process from a manual to self-service model will have a “huge impact in conversion rates” and that “moving now from days to a couple of minutes is also a dramatic change in technology acceptance and growth”.

For free events, Cleeng doesn’t take a cut and for chargeable tickets the company takes 2.5 percent + $0.99 fee for each ticket sold.

➤ Cleeng

Featured Image Credit – Shutterstock