Update: Sorry folks, we spoke a bit too soon on this. The feature is a work in progress for Chromecast, so it will (hopefully) begin arriving in apps like AllCast soon. 

There’s good news for Android device owners who also have a decent TV. AllCast — an app that streams content from devices — just added mirroring, a feature that beams content shown on screen to a TV that is using Google Chromecast.

That conjures up a whole range of possibilities, including Flappy Bird on your tele, as demonstrated by Koushik Dutta, the developer behind AllCast. (Koush, as he’s known, could probably use a little practice going on this video — but it’s good to know some people have stayed productive despite widespread Flappy Bird fever.)

AllCast is one of the first apps to take advantage of the new Chromecast SDK, which was opened up to developers at the beginning of this month. That means we can expect mirroring, and other goodies, to land in other apps in due course. That will also mean more reasons to buy a Chromecast, which is headed to the UK soon.

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