There are plenty of photo gallery apps available for iOS and Android, but Flayvr has just released a new build of its Android app that brings new sharing and timeline features to the platform and make it easy to keep images private, but still share them with friends.

Announced today, one of the more interesting features of the updated app is a Shared Timeline view that provides a single place to view your own shared albums alongside those that your friends have shared with you. Naturally, this’ll require your friends also having the Flayvr app installed too.


Also included in the update is the ability to share photo and video albums privately, which had previously been missing and was an oft-requested feature by users, according to the company. Updates shared in this way will now appear in the Shared Timeline alongside other images shared publicly.

For newer Android handsets that support the Daydream ‘interactive screensaver’ mode (introduced with Android 4.2 Jelly Bean), Flayvr can now be used to power the images displayed when your phone is docked or charging.

Rounding off the list of updates for the second iteration of the app is support for more languages thanks to localization in French, German, Italian and Portuguese – in addition to the already supported English, Spanish, Russian and Chinese.

➤ Flayvr [Google Play]

Featured Image Credit – ALEXANDER KLEIN/AFP/Getty Images