pebble 520x520 Pebble smartwatch gets do not disturb setting, multiple alarms and alarm snoozingPebble’s team has been hard at it “like elves in a workshop” (their words, not mine), and the latest fruits of its labor bring a sleigh-load of new features to the company’s smartwatch.

Chiefly, Pebble owners can now set ’do not disturb’ periods during which they will receive no notifications (as the name suggests) while there is now support for multiple alarms — which is a good job since there’s now an option to snooze alarms too.

The update – PebbleOS v1.14 — also includes more control over which notifications are displayed on screen, while the company says it has sped up notifications to the watch from iPhones and iPads.

➤ Announcing PebbleOS v1.14 Firmware [Pebble Blog] | Via Endgadget

Image via JoeAleman / Flickr