Following in YouTube’s footsteps, Hulu today announced Hulu Plus is coming to the Xbox One when the console launches tomorrow. Below are the main features followed by a video that shows them off properly:

  • Tray-style navigation allows you to quickly scroll through recommendations, popular shows and movies, top 100 clips and more.
  • Richer artwork and larger images.
  • A simpler way to find your favorite shows and discover new content with our updated search experience.
  • A new “Shows You Watch” feature that lets you jump straight to shows you regularly watch.
  • Dedicated show pages for Hulu Originals, Hulu Latino, Video Game Trailers, and Hulu Kids.

Hulu says its Seattle Living Room Development Team worked “relentlessly” with Microsoft to build the new version of its app. The app supports snapping Hulu Plus next to a game, as well as achievements, so the teamwork didn’t go to waste.

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Top Image Credit: MJimages