Apple updates iBooks and iTunes U apps with iOS 7 redesigns

Apple updates iBooks and iTunes U apps with iOS 7 redesigns

You may have noticed that with the introduction of iOS 7, the design of iBooks and iTunes U remained unchanged. Today, Apple released a new version of both apps to bring their look and feel in line with the rest of its mobile operating system.


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In both apps, the wooden bookcase has been replaced with a flat, grey background. Titles still stand in a formal grid though and the shading behind each title creates the illusion that each ebook or digital title is standing on a flat surface.


The storefront for each app has also been redesigned, dropping the black bars on the top and bottom for a predominantly white, sparse aesthetic. From a features standpoint, it doesn’t look like much has changed in either app. For iPhone and iPad users though, greater consistency across Apple’s range of pre-installed apps should be a welcome sight.

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