Diabetes suffers may well welcome the news that New York-based LabStyle Innovations has announced Dario, a diabetes management platform that allows users to manage  blood glucose-related conditions from their condition iOS device.

Announced today and due for release on December 12, Dario is a full cloud-based suite of tools for managing diabetes or other conditions that require monitoring of blood glucose levels.

The app, which is paired with another piece of hardware for actually monitoring levels, will first be available in the UK, Australia and New Zealand. The iOS app rollout “marks the first step in the worldwide roll-out of the full Dario platform”, the company said.


With it, customers will be able to check their blood sugar levels using a smartphone and then make decisions about what to do next. Currently, it’ll only work on iOS devices, but the company is planning to release an Android-compatible version too.

Ultimately, LabStyle Innovations says, Dario will be integrated into actual insulin delivery and other diabetes-related devices for even more control over the condition.

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