BlackBerry Messenger is still being vetted by Apple, but could still be arriving on iOS devices soon. According to 9to5 Mac, a BlackBerry representative tweeted out that the app was submitted for approval two weeks ago and now the company is waiting to receive the word to push it out to millions of iOS users.

The believed to be imminent arrival of BlackBerry Messenger is probably the best news that the company has heard recently, given that there are reports that it is shopping itself around to find a potential buyer. Apple Insider says that BlackBerry initially said its Messenger app would arrive on new platforms this summer, stating May as their timeframe — obviously this isn’t the case.

We began getting hints of the new Messenger version’s arrival when user guides were published on the company’s website.

Of course, when BlackBerry Messenger does arrive on iOS, it’s going to run into a slew of competitors, including WhatsApp, Skype, iMessage, TextPlus, and others that have successfully found their way across the various operating systems.

There’s no word yet on whether an Android version is about to be released, although in August, the company opened up private beta for a select few.

via 9to5 Mac, Image credit: Getty