If you’re the type of person who travels a lot and captures all of your photos with a smartphone, tablet, or other device with geotagging capabilities, the latest update to the Google Earth for Android app should pique your curiosity.

In short, it’s now possible to view geocoded Google+ photos directly within the app. Sign in with your existing Google account and tap the Earth logo in the top left-hand corner to bring up the sidebar. At the bottom, under ‘More Maps’, a new selection should appear for Google+ photos.

Small thumbnail previews will now appear on top of Google Earth’s existing satellite imagery. Tap on them once and the app will launch a full-screen slideshow detailing everything saved in that Google+ photo album or location. It’s a whimsical experience and a lovely way to peruse old travel photos.

➤ Google Earth | Android (via Engadget)

Image Credit: NASA via Getty Images