Born out of TechStars back in 2011, FullContact offers a suite of tools that tap publicly-accessible data to auto-magically complete the missing information in your contacts list. In a nutshell, it’s all about eliminating duplicate, partial, and out-of-date records. As it happens, former TNW Editor Brad McCarty recently joined the company.

With its new Card Reader app for iPhone, users can simply snap a picture of a business card, and let people – flesh and bones – transcribe and verify the information on the card, before adding this information to their iPhone’s contacts.

The main focus here, of course, is the enterprise market and as such, FullContact has also announced that it has received its Salesforce certification.

It’s actually a pretty neat idea, and the human element is a decent differentiator to other similar apps such as Evernote Hello, or LinkedIn’s own incarnation – the latter does actually feature human transcription, but your data is locked in to LinkedIn.

So if you’re prone to gathering business cards in your wallet and having a monthly clear-out as you forget who’s who, FullContact’s app should help you out. You only get 10 cards for free though – it’ll cost $9.99 a month or $99.99 a year to make it unlimited.

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Feature Image Credit – Thinkstock