If you want to keep track of the cellular data that your phone consumes, Onavo Count comes highly recommended. It breaks down how much data each app uses and identifies those that hog your monthly allowance. Now, the Android version has been updated with a brand new look.

The streamlined interface (the latest example proving that Android apps can look great) is accompanied by the ability to see how your personal data consumption for each app compares to other Onavo users. You can see, for example, if you’re in the top 10% for the amount of data consumed on Facebook. How useful that information actually is is up for debate but it’s an interesting data point nevertheless.

An app guide offers a simple chart of apps by usage, although it would be nice to get this information by app category, so you could find, say, the more data-efficient VoIP app. For a deeper dive into the data that Onavo collects via its apps you’ll have to check out Onavo Insights. There’s no word on when these changes will make their way over to the iOS version, although CEO Guy Rosen says “We eagerly look forward to bringing this look into the other utilities in the Onavo family as well.”

➤ Onavo Count (Android)

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Header image credit: Ethan Miller/Getty Images