Turntable, the company behind the music streaming site Turntable.fm, has just launched two new features for its flagship service: a mini player, which displays a stripped-down version of Turntable rooms; and Turntable Gold, a pay-what-you-wish premium membership option.

Turntable CEO Billy Chasen tells us the new mini player was created for users that “just want to relax and listen.” The player may be particularly helpful for users while at work, as standard Turntable rooms can look a bit more like a game than a music service.

Here’s a look at the new mini player:

Image 2013.07.15 11-58-25 AM

As for Turntable Gold, Chasen shares that paying members will receive a number of small, exclusive features — not unlike Reddit Gold — including premium avatars; additional chat features, like inline Gifs and stickers; and laptop stickers.

Image 2013.07.15 12-03-33 PM

Check out the updates via the link below. You can also take a peek at Piki, a social radio app for iOS, which was created by the Turntable crew.

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