4chan founder’s iPad app, DrawQuest, gets a major update with explore features and Web profiles

4chan founder’s iPad app, DrawQuest, gets a major update with explore features and Web profiles ...

Canvas, the image remixing site founded by 4chan creator Chris Poole (AKA moot), has just released a major update to DrawQuest, introducing new social and community features to the iPad app.

Like we said when it launched, DrawQuest brings people together around daily drawing challenges that consist of a simple prompt and a template to start you off. The challenges, called quests, encourage users to embrace their creative side and are surprisingly entertaining.

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With this release, DrawQuest receives a number of new features, including Web profiles, a new explore section, user searching, drafts, and the ability to delete drawings.

Here’s a look at the new Web profiles, which let DrawQuest users share their work on the Web:

Screen Shot 2013-07-11 at 10.08.17 AM

The new explore section, displayed below, works just as you’d expect; it provides a way to discover new drawings, but with an algorithm that favors “undiscovered talent,” instead of solely highlighting work from the most popular users.


Other additions, like Twitter account connection, Tumblr sharing and the ability to view all drawings in your profile, reinforce DrawQuest’s push for social and community features in this release.

An example Quest might ask “what’s in the water?”
An example Quest might ask “what’s in the water?”

At least in the eyes of Poole, the app has proved successful thus far, despite offering few features that encourage a community to form. Now, as DrawQuest moves beyond its MVP stages, it has real potential for growth — so long as the changes sit well with the app’s userbase.

➀ Drawquest for iPad 

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