Path has updated its private messaging and social network app today to add the ability to use stickers to reply to comments in the main timeline. This version also brings improved iPad navigation and the ability to invite other users to follow you with a QR code.

Path introduced stickers and the sale of sticker packs as a way to spice up private messages on the network, now those stickers can be used to add commentary to the main feed. You can reply to users’ posts with stickers and use them as comments. You still can’t just post a sticker as a main post though.


There are also some improvements to iPad navigation including simplifying access to private messages and being able to compose and browse in landscape as well as portrait. In an interesting twist, the new Path will also allow you to invite friends to follow you by generating a custom QR code that they can then scan. There are also some tweaks to the friends list in this release.

The update is available for iPhone, iPad and Android, though the Android release will likely not take advantage of the new iPad design.