Dropbox’s latest experimental build for Mac shows it is considering iPhoto imports, screenshot sharing

Dropbox’s latest experimental build for Mac shows it is considering iPhoto imports, screenshot ...

Cloud storage and file management provider Dropbox has released an experimental build for the Mac that focuses on helping users transfer images to their accounts more conveniently.

The experimental build is meant to be a trial for users to send feedback, and could ultimately become adopted as part of Dropbox features, and the latest one is available for download on its forum.

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According to a MacStories post, this version of Dropbox can automatically transfer any screenshot taken on OS X to a /Screenshots folder, sharing the file and creating a public link on the system clipboard. All you have to do is enable the feature under Dropbox preferences. This feature would make it easier to share screenshots on Twitter, Instant Messenger (IM) and other online sites and services.

The experimental build also has an iPhoto import feature that turns iPhoto albums and events into Dropbox albums viewable on the web. It will show up as a notification in the Dropbox tray menu if photos are uploaded to the iPhoto library, but is only supported on Mac with iPhoto 7.0 or higher.

The beta‚Äôs third feature is a ‚ÄúMove to Dropbox‚ÄĚ context menu item that will show up ‚Äúfor most files or folders outside of your Dropbox‚ÄĚ. It basically allows uesrs to right-click on any file or folder and send it to your main /Dropbox folder, but won‚Äôt automatically share them.

Just two months ago, Dropbox announced a¬†re-branding¬†of its enterprise-facing product, and several new features that should help it better target larger companies ‚Äď renaming it¬†Dropbox for Business.

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