Tyba wants to make it easier for employers to find the perfect junior staff

Tyba wants to make it easier for employers to find the perfect junior staff

Founded in Madrid, Spain in 2011, Tyba‘s mission is to connect talented individuals at an early stage in their career with companies looking to hire them.

In March last year, the company launched a modular CV-builder tool that allows jobhunters to create a landing page that represents their professional identity. In addition to old faithfuls like education and employment history, the page can reflect their other interests and achievements in a way that makes it easy for potential employers to see which candidates stand out from the crowd.

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Today at The Next Web Conference Europe 2013‘s Microsoft BizSpark Startup Rally, Tyba is launching the next stage in the development of its product, a recruitment platform that allows employers to search through the CVs on the site, filtering by education, experience, achievements and interests.


The idea here is that Tyba wants to make it easier to find junior employees that fit a company’s requirements and culture as closely as possible.

The Tyba recruitment platform is live now.

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