Evernote has updated its feedback-focused annotation app Skitch to version 2.5 on iOS and Mac, adding a stamps feature which lets users add simple sentiments like “Yes!,” “No!,” “Tell me more” or “PERFECT!”‘ to images. The update also adds a PDF annotation feature which is limited to Evernote Premium users.

Shown below, the new “Skitch Stamps” feature furthers Evernote’s goal of enabling quick feedback. You can customize the text to say anything you’d like.

image (1)

As for PDF annotation, the company claims its premium offering “makes it super easy to communicate a lot of feedback without resorting to long point-by-point lists.” According to Evernote:

The best part is, the annotated document can be shared from Skitch with an at-a-glance Skitch Summary of the feedback made–number of annotations and callouts to the sections affected making iteration even faster.


This update follows the release of Skitch 2.0 for Windows, which added easier sharing features, a reworked user interface and improved speed and stability. Only five months ago, Skitch received major backlash from users after retiring several features.

➤ Skitch 2.5 for Mac and iOS

Photography: Emma Weber