Today Pocket, the service formerly known as Read It Later, announced a new feature for its article saving service: Send to a Friend. Pocket has social sharing features baked into its product, as you would expect, but Send to a Friend combines a hybrid email and in-app notification system that will better allow its users to pass content to their kin.

Using the Sent to a Friend feature is simple, allowing a user to send a link, comment, and highlighted quote via email to anyone. If that person also has Pocket, they will receive an ping inside of the application itself, quickly completing the circle, getting their eyes onto the content on question. Content will appear in users’ Pocket inboxes.


Also in the update is an improved Share Menu that will emphasize recently employed social services, cutting down on the time required to share content. The menu will also feature friends that you recently share content with.

As online content only increases in variety, and quantity, services such as Pocket have become essential tools to help keep track of the informational wave that we call the news cycle.

The update will be available on all platforms that Pocket services, including the Web, OS X, Android, and iOS devices.

Top Image Credit: Pascal