If you watch a lot of online videos for education or research, you’ll find VideoNotes a really useful tool.

It’s as simple as this: sign in with a Google account (VideoNotes uses Google Drive for storage) and then paste in the URL for a YouTube or Coursera video. Then as it plays you can start making notes on the right-hand side of the screen. The clever bit is that as you click on previous notes you’ve made, the video will jump to that point, making this a really useful tool for navigating documentaries, study guides and other long, involved videos.

The Web app comes from France-based, education-focused startup UniShared which offers collaborative note-taking for documents. VideoNotes doesn’t have to be a solo pursuit. Because it’s based around Google Drive, you can set sharing permissions for any notes you’ve made, making it easy for, say, a teacher to share notes on course video with a whole class.

VideoNotes is free and available now.

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Image credit: Medioimages / Photodisc / Thinkstock