An app doesn’t have to offer too many features, but what it does do, it should do it well.

With that in mind, Twipster is a simple Chrome and Safari extension that tidies up your Twitter stream to make it just a little bit more readable.

Indeed, once you install the add-on and visit your Twitter account, you won’t notice a huge change to the look-and-feel, but it will look different enough to make you switch back to the original interface just to compare.

Twipster 730x447 Easy to read: Twipster for Chrome and Safari gives you a tidier Twitter interface

Indeed, Twipster essentially strips out all the noise, including ‘Who To Follow’ and ‘Trends’, while pushing the ‘Home’, ‘@Connect’ and ‘Me’ tabs to the top. What remains is a long, continuous stream of tweets with no distractions.

Nice and simple.

Twipster – Chrome & Safari