Ad swap startup Tap for Tap launches paid network to help app developers drive revenues

Ad swap startup Tap for Tap launches paid network to help app developers drive revenues

Victoria-based ad tech startup “Tap for Tap” first launched to help app developers promote each other via unused ad space. Originally, the network followed an “impression exchange” system: for every impression an ad received through your app, you’d earn credits to promote yourself.

Since then, the company pivoted from impressions to a tap-based system (aka clicks), and is now releasing a paid advertising element to help developers monetize their apps.

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According to the company, “once developers used [Tap for Tap’s] free platform to generate a solid base of installs for their app, they’d move on to a more traditional ad network to drive ad revenues from their users.” Clearly, it makes sense to close that loop. “We built the monetization platform so developers would be able to use Tap for Tap to both get users and make money,” the company tells us.


Tap for Tap’s “auction based system” lets app developers purchase ad space by the click (starting at $.03) and the install (starting at $.40). Co-founder Eric Dyck tells us these rates will rise as competition for installs increases.

As for Tap for Tap’s success, the company claims to have signed up more than 7000 developers, and that it can “generate 1,000’s of cost-free app installs.”

Interested app developers can check out the service via the link below:

➀ Tap for Tap

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