Here’s a fun one for you to enjoy this fine Super Bowl Sunday: Redditlet, a neat bookmarklet that brings you discussions from Reddit about the website you are current reading.

The simple tool can be selected from any page, which will cause its backend to scan the Reddit network for matches. If the URL you are viewing has been submitted in the past, that comment thread will be loaded for you. It looks like this in practice:

2013 02 03 09h35 17 730x497 The Redditlet bookmarklet brings the best of Reddit to the website you are current reading

However, we have not brought Redditlet to your attention so that you can enjoy comments from that community. That is perhaps a nice secondary result of using the tool. Instead, Redditlet is a great tool for checking if something that you might want to submit to Reddit yourself has already been submitted.

It’s a damn effective tool for avoiding the hated repost. If the webpage you are currently enjoying has not been submitted, the tool will tell you so. Then you are off to the races.

➤ Redditlet

Top Image Credit: Eva Blue