Foursquare has just launched Foursquare for Business, its second app ever, specifically targeted towards business managers. The new app allows managers to post local updates, view recent visitors and their tips, activate/deactivate specials, and track analytics.

While there appears to be many limitations with this new app (for now) — specials must still be created on a computer and the app is only able to manage a few different physical locations — Foursquare for Business is still a major move for the company, as it lets managers take better control of their business on the social network.

In other words, businesses are playing an increasingly active role on Foursquare, and this app encourages that. The more involved companies are on the social and discovery network, the easier it will be for Foursquare to monetize it in the long run.


The Foursquare for Business app is currently limited to US-based merchants and follows Foursquare’s decision to let companies track recent visitors to their business over a longer period of time. As Foursquare notes, that change has clearly been taken advantage of in the new app.

➤ Foursquare for Business for iPhone

Recently, Foursquare released a map of the last 500M check-ins on its service, gathered over three months. The app demonstrates how Foursquare has built a “Google PageRank for the real world.”

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