Contrary to reports from earlier today that the video service Vine would be a built-in Twitter service, All Things D’s Peter Kafka is now stating that it will be a standalone app available in Apple’s App Store.

The app, which was rumored but never confirmed to have been acquired by Twitter, was used by its creator to tweet out a 6 second clip earlier this morning. That clip was then shared by Twitter CEO Dick Costolo. All that tweet really showed was that Twitter’s new Cards product was playing nice with Vine links now, something it did not do in the past. As you can see from the embedded tweet below (something that Twitter also just improved), your video will play right in the tweet.

Twitter recently added photo filter services to its main apps, encouraging users to directly share images to the service, rather than using intermediate networks like Flickr or Instagram.

Vine will remain a standalone app that will allow you to shoot short video clips by tapping and lifting your finger from the screen. This doesn’t rule out closer integration in the future, but places video as something that Twitter would like to continue to see coming from the outside of the service…for now.

Image Credit: Spencer Platt/Getty Images