37signals introduces “Basecamp Personal” for all your non-work projects. One time payment of $25 per project.

37signals introduces “Basecamp Personal” for all your non-work projects. One time payment ...

37signals has announced that its popular project management tool, Basecamp, is now available at a new pricing tier: Basecamp Personal.

As 37signals co-founder Jason Fried details, Basecamp has proven to be a highly successful product among teams, and is also a useful tool for managing side projects and non-work related projects. Yes, Basecamp works fine in both of these situations, but its pricing was previously targeted towards companies, making the service significantly less approachable for personal use.

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Previously, Basecamp cost $20/month at its lowest tier, and now personal users can opt to pay a one-time $25 fee per project instead. Basecamp Personal users will receive 1GB of storage, standard project pages and support for 5 collaborators, without various company-related features like a calendar or progress timeline. Compare the personal and standard offerings here.


Basecamp Personal is only rolling out to existing Basecamp users for now, but Fried says “down the road we plan on opening up Basecamp Personal to anyone.” Learn more via the link below:

➀ Basecamp Personal

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