Fancy, a startup which lets users curate and purchase design-focused products, first launched a subscription box back in September 2012, and managed to secure over 10,000 subscribers in the process. Now, the company has announced a new twist on the project. It plans to start leveraging its influential and celebrity users by having them curate their own boxes of trendy goodies and accumulate subscribers, all while sharing 50% of the profits.

Fancy has already captured the attention of celebrities, and so it’s unsurprising to see the startup tap into noteworthy members of its community to grow its revenue. Fancy’s first partner in this project is none other than Ashton Kutcher, so yes, the company has the clout to pull it off.


But according to Fancy, you “don’t have to be the biggest star in the world” to have your own box. If you’re “an influencer in your own way” you can apply by sending them an email. Fancy explains that the program will become available to more people over time.

We found Fancy’s profit sharing plans particularly interesting. The company asks of its curators to “choose the items and help with the marketing.” In other words, Fancy is counting on its users to help sell their products. It’s an interesting direction to take as the company searches for profitability.

Subscription service startups don’t exactly come in short numbers these days — everything from fashion to doggy goodies and coffee can now be sent to your door step. Despite the over saturated market, however, Fancy is diving head first into the space.