Foursquare has released an update for its Android app today that improves the look of venue pages both pre and post-checkin. The new pages feature photos much more prominently with a swipeable gallery at the top.

The pre-checkin venue pages allow you to see a bunch of photos at once, rather than a non-interactive single fading shot behind the title of the location. The swipeable gallery is great, as I often like to skim through a few to see if the place looks clean and the food looks tasty.


Once you’ve checked in, a newly tweaked page appears in place of the stock venue template that lets you see things that are more important to you after you’re already ‘there’. The page re-organizes itself to show you if other people you’re friends with are there, surfaces the ‘tips’ section and more.

This stuff is on the splash screen that appears when you actually check in, but now it’s displayed on the post-checkin venue page as well, so you can refer back to it easily and get a customized view once you’ve already said you’re here. This can help with looking up codes for promotions and dish recommendations.

Overall a nice couple of tweaks to the app that Foursquare says is coming to the iOS version soon as well.

Foursquare for Android

Image Credit: STAN HONDA/Getty Images