Rdio is continuing along its path of replacing iTunes for me as my primary listening app for music. Today, they’re launching New Release Notifications that will get sent to you when an artist in your Collection releases new stuff.

It makes a ton of sense for a store to tell you about new things to buy, via promoted banners or what have you. But the idea that a streaming music collector, an Rdio or Spotify user for instance, would want to see those new releases as well makes a lot of sense.

6a014e87574ac9970d017d3e87b2ff970c 800wi Rdio now sends you a notification when artists in your collection release new music

When I add albums to my collection, I consider them ‘mine’, even though I don’t own them. My wife tends to add single songs, but I’m all about listening to chunks of music from a single artist. So notifications of new albums are double sweet, as they give me more music that I love, and I don’t even have the friction of buying it. I just click and boom they’re added to my collection.

Features like this are why streaming services are gaining in popularity over purchasing options like iTunes and Amazon MP3. Yes, their market is still miniscule in comparison, but they’re just getting started. It’s also why I think that iTunes 11 is one of the last we’ll see of its breed, but more on that later.

You won’t have to do anything to get the new notifications from Rdio, but you can turn them off in settings if you like.

Image Credit: ANDREJ ISAKOVIC/AFP/Getty Images