On Thursday, BitTorrent announced an impressive milestone: 10,000,000 mobile downloads, and counting, for its Android, iOS, and Windows Phone apps. This is impressive if you keep in mind that the company’s first mobile product, Remote, which allows you to access your BitTorrent or uTorrent client on any screen, was released just last year.

Since then, BitTorrent has released a total of six mobile offerings: uTorrent/BitTorrent for Android, uTorrent/BitTorrent Remote for Android, uTorrent Remote for iOS (Web app), and uTorrent Remote for Windows Phone.

BitTorrent broke down the 10 million number as follows: Remote apps have been downloaded 4.7 million times, the BitTorrent Android client has been downloaded 1.5 million times, and the uTorrent Android client has been downloaded 3.8 million times. The last one is particularly impressive given that uTorrent for Android is still in beta, and it was released only three months ago.

Yet it makes sense, because unlike the Remote apps, it’s a full-fledged client for Android (no computer required). The company also offered these survey numbers for the Android beta: 75 percent of users said they’d recommend µTorrent for Android, 25 percent said they use it every day, and 45 percent said they’re using it once or twice a week.

While Remote is available for iOS and Windows Phone, there’s no talk about a full client coming to either OS. The former group is, however, slightly less lucky than the latter group: if you have an iPhone, an iPad, or an iPod touch, you might as well forget about it.

There are many BitTorrent clients and BitTorrent remote clients for iOS, but Apple doesn’t let any of them into its App Store. BitTorrent has yet to announce a Windows Phone app, though it’s definitely a possibility following an Android release.

BitTorrent is asking for continuous feedback for its mobile apps. The company also offered its gratitude: “10 million and more thanks to all of you who’ve helped us build better mobile apps. And 10 million and more thanks to all of you who’ve tested, tried, and shared our products.”

Image credit: Stephanie Berghaeuser