Shortly after updating its iPhone app and launching on the iPad, Etsy is finally taking its handmade marketplace to Android users.

Debuting in English, French, Dutch and German, Etsy’s new Android app should improve its already growing mobile shopping statistics for the holidays. Etsy is no stranger to the mobile world, as we’ve previously detailed; the company claims that 1 in 4 visits to its site come from a mobile device.

As you can see below, Etsy’s new app touts a minimalistic design which doesn’t appear to be as refined as its iOS counterpart (on first look), but still seems more than sufficient — especially in comparison to having no app at all. Etsy for Android also comes across as highly buyer-focused (unlike recent updates to Etsy’s iPhone app), and may leave sellers wanting more.

If you’ve been following Etsy closely, you’ll know that the company recently forked out $250k in ads for sellers, thanks to Google’s decision to dump its current Product Search tool in favor of a paid-only model in the US. How that change will impact Etsy’s bottom line by the end of this year, has yet to be seen.

Given that nearly 25% of Etsy’s mobile web visitors come from Android devices, demand for an Android launch has been building up for some time. Now, Android users can finally reap the fruits of Etsy’s labors.

Check out the app below via Google Play.

➤ Etsy for Android