Here’s a quick one for you all: Out now is an app called ‘Sayonara,’ which will ping you with a push notification each and every time that another Twitter user unfollows you. Ding!

Sayonara will provide you with information on that individual, with their bio and recent tweets. If you deem them worthy of recapture, or simply want to needle, you can tweet at them directly from inside the application, querying as the app suggests: “Is it because of the way I look?”

Silly? Sure. Fun? You bet.

Still, if you are a power user on Twitter, having this sort of information can help you better understand your use of the service; after what sort of tweet do I lose followers, and what sort of folks are falling away? This is probably too granular for most, but if you breathe the microblogging service, Sayonara only costs $2, and could prove a useful tool.

Here’s the app in action:

The app was released today, so there is no review selection to lean upon, but from what we can see, Sayonara looks sharp. Let us know if you dig it in the comments.