COLOURlovers launches Creative Market: A stock design marketplace with heart

COLOURlovers launches Creative Market: A stock design marketplace with heart

Created by the folks behind COLOURlovers, Creative Market has just launched after raising $1.3M from SV Angel and CrunchFund and teasing us with freebies. At its core, Creative Market is a place to buy and sell stock designs like icons, typefaces and themes, but there’s a interesting twist of humanity in the way the site was set up that actually makes it feel like a marketplace.

This was no accident, either. While announcing the launch, Creative Market quickly compared itself to “a local farmer’s market.” This may be marketing speak, but it has a genuine side to it, too: the creators of Creative Market are undoubtedly experts in community building — for god’s sake, they built a massive community around color palettes. That’s talent.

Diving into the specifics, Creative Market explains that designers selling on the site are guaranteed a 70% cut of all sales, and all designs are sold under a simple commercial-use license.

With 81,206 users already signed up on day one, the site is certainly poised to grow quickly. Building a great community that actually turns a profit will be a challenge, but if the Creative Market team keeps emphasizing creators and is able to entice enough talented sellers, the site certainly has a fighting chance to take on more established players like Envato.

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