While Google’s long had a penchant for travel, the company’s purchase of Zagat might get its first showings today as Google releases an app called Field Trip. From the New York Times report, the app will be constantly running in the background, triangulating position via cell phone towers, to provide you prompts about your location.

The move is a big push of Google services into the eyes and ears of Android users, though it seems that an iOS version is in the works as well. The comparison to Google’s futuristic Glass device can’t go unspoken. While Field Trip lacks a good number of the features that Glass has been touting, the contextual, near-VR style of the app bears a striking resemblance.

The information for the app is pulled from a variety of sources, including Zagat, which goes to prove that Google had much bigger ambitions than simply local search with its acquisition of the company.

To help launch the app, Google’s planning a few real-world field trips as well. New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago and Minneapolis will all be included, and admission is free. No word yet on whether you’ll need a signed note from your parents.

Field Trip for Android