Foursquare has just pushed an update to its iOS app with a simpler Explore tab that makes it easier to see friends and suggestions. The app also has several new search categories that let you find places you’ve been to or places friends have been.

The app has also gotten a performance overhaul and Foursquare says it’s much quicker now. The iPhone 5 is fully supported, with a lengthened interface, and its gotten iOS 6 support, obviously.

The new design of the Explore tab fits well with the new emphasis of Foursquare towards friend recommendations and check-ins, rather than impersonal discovery. You can now see way more check-ins in the map view, which looks great on the iPhone 5.


Just yesterday, Foursquare added the ability to get notifications automatically when friends made check-ins, rather than just when they were near you.

This jives well with the usage that Foursquare was seeing, which was much more along the lines of looking where friends were and using it as a recommendation engine, rather than a check-in tool.

There are also new categories available in search like ‘places you’ve saved to lists’, ‘places you haven’t been (or have been) and places your friends have been.

Foursquare also recently updated its Android app to bring back the ‘nearby friends’ filter.

Foursquare for iOS

Image Credit: KAREN BLEIER/AFP/Getty