Revamping its existing iPhone and iPod touch apps last week, Netflix has overhauled its Android smartphone app, bringing it in line with its Apple counterparts and making it easier for you to browse, find and watch titles on the streaming service.

In today’s new update, Netflix’s Android app is designed to show more titles and galleries by default, pushing a similar style to its tablet app that was updated at the end of last year.

The Browse screen has been adapted to showcase a list of films or TV shows that you have started to watch but haven’t finished, with additional rows filled with recommendations based on your previous history and preferences.

Making it easier to simply touch and play, Netflix makes sure that with a double-tap, you can immediately start watching your chosen film or TV show (and pick up from where you left off in a film or show you didn’t finish watching). A single tap bringing up the relevant information for that title.

If you have an iPhone or iPod touch, it’s the exact same feature upgrade, but tailored for Android devices. You will need to make sure your device has Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) or higher installed.

Netflix for Android

Image Credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images