MLB At Bat 2012, one of my favorite apps for the iPhone and iPad has been updated to support iOS 6 and Passbook ticketing.

The update comes just a day after I got the chance to test out how the MLB’s Passbook integration was working at a real ballpark. The update is extremely well-timed because it now supports widescreen 16×9 video with a tweaked design that should look fantastic on the new iPhone and iPod touch.

The Passbook support works for AT&T Park, Citi Field, Fenway Park and Kauffman Stadium, the only four that have rolled out ticketing this season. The MLB hopes to expand support for this feature to all parks next season.

In addition, the price of unlocking all of the features of the app including live stats and Gameday audio drops to $3.99, a buck more than the monthly price.

It really is one of the best sports apps on the iPhone, period. If you’re getting an iPhone 5 tomorrow, this will be a good one to try out on it.

MLB at Bat 2012