With more than 180,000 new topics added since last year, 250,000 in total, Quora is today introducing new trending topics and redesigned topic pages.

The new trending topics, which now appear in the sidebar on the homepage, simply surface the most popular subjects on the site. For example, the most popular topics today might include NFL and Apple’s upcoming iPhone announcement. This additional feels right at home, providing something that should have been there all along. And now, as Quora works to make sense of all of its data, amping up discovery is very important.

On to the redesigned topic pages, Quora topics are now given the same treatment as the home page, where content you’ve already seen will be hidden from your feed. Additionally, uses can expect three new sub-sections on each topic page:

  • About: An overview of the topic, including the description, frequently asked questions, location information, and place in the topic ontology structure.
  • Questions: Complete lists of *all* questions that have been added to the topic, with additional pages for open questions and best questions.
  • Manage: Access to the settings related to managing a topic, as well as a log of recent changes.

These updates bring in two small, but much needed improvements to the overall Quora experience. Discovery and personalization play an important role in the startup’s future, and clearly that’s what these updates provide.

Featured image: Frinthy