We sort of have a major tech crush on the automation platform IFTTT, which lets you glue multiple web services together to perform actions. Today, IFTTT is expanding its service to include the brand new realtime platform App.net.

The new App.net channel will allow users to create actions that do a wide array of things like create posts, monitor new followers and mentions, and more. Because IFTTT already hosts a ton of other cool channels dedicated to services and apps like Pushover, Twitter, Evernote and more, you can do a lot of very useful stuff with App.net posts now.

Some of the Recipes that have already been created by IFTTT staff include getting a push notification whenever you’re mentioned on the service, cross-posting every new ADN post to Twitter and getting ‘new follower’ emails.

We’ve been using IFTTT do do all kinds of neat stuff lately, like saving an archive of Tweets to Dropbox and keeping up with the Olympics. Rapid inclusion of new services like App.net into the API is welcome for such a powerful tool.

Image Credit: Daniel Oines