Ok, I love this idea. Foursqare’s engineering blog is highlighting an app in its connected apps gallery called After Credits that integrates with the service to give you info about after-movie teasers. As someone who always waits until the end of the credits to make sure I don’t miss anything, this is so cool.

If you’ve never used one, a Foursquare connected app will deliver information based on locations in a special section on the check-in page in your Foursqare app. So there’s no additional app to open, it just adds features onto Foursqare for you.

In the case of After Credits, you check in to a movie theater and your particular movie, both of which are standard features of the app. Once you’ve done that, you simply scroll down to the connected apps section and After Credits will tell you whether there is anything after the credits of the movie. Brilliant.

Normally, I sit in my seat during the credits long enough to Google ‘after credits, name of movie’, but this makes it super easy. Now I’ll know whether to stick around the moment I check in. Such a cool idea.

If you have Foursqare, you can click here to connect the app to your account.

Image Credit: Courtney “Coco” Mault