We first covered Ge.tt way back in 2010, calling it simply a better option for cloud-based file sharing. The Next Web’s Brad McCarty said at the time:

“Ge.tt is, to put it plainly, an incredibly simple way to share files. While we have had services such as Rapidshare and the like for years, the interface alone is ugly to the point of revolting and its usefulness is limited because of how the money is made.

With ge.tt, all you have to do is head to the site, select what files you want to upload, then you’re given a link by which you can share those files. Interestingly, ge.tt adds a few more features as well and everything appears to be free, at least for now.”

That’s Ge.tt in a nutshell. But from this week, it’s making its real-time file-sharing service available for Outlook.com (formerly Hotmail) and Gmail users.

The Chrome extensions allows files to be uploaded in the background, with users able to share them immediately.

Using Ge.tt essentially means that you don’t have to worry about file sizes, or even wait for files to upload before sending. Any documents or media files you with to attach are actually directed to your Ge.tt account.

It works with videos, photos, documents…anything. Of course, if you’re sending a small Word document, for example, Ge.tt might not really sell itself to you – but if you’re looking to send a 150Mb monster, well, you can send your email instantly as the file uploads to Ge.tt.

“Ge.tt was always meant to be included in different platforms and services that we know people use and appreciate,” says Tobias Baunbæk, CEO and co-founder of Ge.tt. “Therefore, the introduction of our services to Outlook.com and Gmail users is a natural step for our company. By adding Outlook.com and Gmail to the Ge.tt offering, we expect file-sharing through Ge.tt to increase rapidly during the coming months.”

In addition to offering the company’s features to some of the most popular online services, Ge.tt also allows users to add the technology to their own applications through an open API.

Ge.tt was formed in October 2010, and is based in Copenhagen, Denmark. We’re told that since launch, Ge.tt users have shared more than seven million files.

➤ Ge.tt for Chrome: Outlook.com | Gmail

Feature Image Credit: Velo Steve | Flickr