Forget the frills and the backend geekery, I want to know what technology will do for me when I’m in a pinch. Hungry? Use TaskRabbit’s service to bring you exactly what you want from In-N-Out, if you live in San Francisco.

The site is called BurgerTo.Me, and it does exactly what it sounds like it does. Sign in with TaskRabbit, make your order and tell the service where to deliver your grub:

On-demand In-N-Out, powered by TaskRabbit’s Deliver Now feature, is a dream for many geeks who wouldn’t dare leave their standing desks during lunchtime at a startup. This site solves your problems, and for only $10. Definitely a promotion from TaskRabbit, but a damn good one.


This space is heating up, as TaskRabbit is duking it out with EXEC and Postmates for delivery and task-based dominance.

h/t @schlomo