So here’s an epic Path easter egg that we bet you didn’t know about. If you sign up with a new account, using a different email address, and attach your Facebook, Instagram and Foursquare accounts, all of your status updates, photos, check-ins and tips will be pulled into Path.

I told you it was epic.

Make sure you have the latest version of the app, go to settings and log out. Go through the signup flow, but remember to use a different email address. This means that you have to build your Path graph all over again, but it might be worth it for this. We can only assume this will become available to current users at some point.

Here’s the flow:

And there you have it, sit back and let Path do its importing magic:

For those of you who really never got into Path, now’s the time to give it a real shot with some of your existing data. For completely new users, this is a delightful addition, since starting with nothing can be rough. In essence, this is onboarding gold.

What do you think about this feature, does it change how you feel about Path? Tell us in the comments!

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