Cloud storage and syncing app Dropbox has doubled the storage space for its Dropbox Pro subscribers from 50 and 100GB to 100GB and 200GB at the same cost as before. It has also added a new 500GB tier for those who need a bunch of storage.

The Pro 50 plan runs $9.99 a month or $99.00 a year, and it will get a bump to 100GB at the same cost. The Pro 100 plan runs $19.99 a month and $199.00 a year and it will now get you 200GB of storage.

So the new rates will be as follows:

  • 2GB up to 18GB on referrals – Free
  • 102GB – $9.99 mo/$99.00 yr
  • 202GB – $19.99 mo/$199.00 yr
  • 502GB – ?

The service also says that it is giving any current Pro members a 3 month 100GB trial to share with friends. The new pricing will go into effect on its pricing page tonight and Pro members will get their accounts supersized overnight tonight.

Back in April, Dropbox doubled the amount of free space that users get from referring others to the service, bumping it to 500MB of free and topping out at 16GB. The service also recently added Facebook integration and Korean language support.

Image Credit: Johan Larsson