Twitter released its official Windows Phone 7 app way back in 2010, but one of the niggling omissions was the lack of push notifications for @mentions or retweets. But this has now been corrected, as noticed by WPCentral.

The app seemingly went live yesterday, quietly introducing the much needed feature after almost two years. You can tweak the notification settings as follows:

  • Mentions: Off, From People You Follow, From Anyone
  • Favorited: Off, From People You Follow, From Anyone
  • Retweets: Off, From People You Follow, From Anyone
  • Direct Messages
  • New Followers

Here’s the catch though. Based on our initial tinkerings, we weren’t actually able to get the notifications to work.

We tried two different handsets in two different locations, and neither @mentions or direct messages showed up on the respective devices. Though we are certain the push notifications are live and active, so we’re not sure why they’re not working for us.

What more to say? If you’re a Twitter and Windows Phone user, you’ll probably like this latest update, assuming you can get it to work, that is.

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