If you’re a fan of chatting with your Facebook friends via the iOS or Android versions of its Messenger app, today you’ll get some good news. There’s now an easier way to switch between conversations, via in-app notifications of new messages.

The Facebook Messenger app has only been around for a few months, but it hasn’t gotten many updates since its initial release. This latest version addressees the annoyance of having to hop out to your buddy list in order to switch conversations. Now, instead, you’ll get a notification within the app itself that will allow you to tap it and head right to the new entry.

You can now include friends of your friends in conversations, as well. There’s also an option for sharing larger photos, and some bug fixes which include faster push notifications.

It’s a welcome addition, if minor. So hop over to the links below and grab the version of your choice.

Facebook Messenger for iOS & Android

Image: Goiaba via Flickr