Finding a cool wallpaper for your Mac can often be frustrating, especially when you have to trawl the hundreds (if not thousands) of wallpaper websites to find one.

There are cool apps like Kuvva (previously profiled when it helped personalise your Twitter profile), which automatically switches between curated wallpapers that you have selected and added to your favourites via its website.

Keeping that theme, a new application by the name of Satellite Eyes by Tom Taylor changes things up. Instead of delivering fractal art or designers’ digital creations, Satellite Eyes installs itself in your Mac’s menu bar, polls your location and automatically changes your desktop wallpaper to where you currently are, each time it detects you have moved locations.

The maps are powered by OpenStreetMap, Stamen Design and Bing Maps, offering a variety of map styles, including an aerial view, watercolor and toner style.

The zoom level can also be amended to show the street, neighbourhood, city or region.

Satellite Eyes costs nothing to download, so if you have a Mac, you have absolutely no excuse not to download the application and try it out.

Satellite Eyes

[Image Credit: FlickrJake Setlack]