Say you’re from the wonderful state of Wyoming, but you’ve moved clear across the country. You still want to keep up with all of the local news from your area, and Google searches and alerts just aren’t doing it for you.

A developer with some free time on his hands, Muhammad Hasnain Lakhani, decided to mash up a cool service called NewsMap which lets you dig into local news anywhere in the world.

The premise is quite simple: you’re shown a map which you can click different regions on and a list of local publications for those regions are listed out and linked to:

This is actually a great research tool, if you’re trying to find information about a specific part of the world quickly. Once you’ve drilled down to the region you want, you can select which type of publication you’d like, its focus, and what language its offered in:

This is quite a bit of information to store and display, but the site does it very quickly and accurately. Isn’t technology awesome?