As I wrote yesterday, sometimes the simplest of apps serve the greatest purpose. On this note, an app by the name of Brekkie has caught our attention, with its daily, bite-sized digest of advertising, design and marketing inspiration.

Brekkie isn’t a massive directory with piles of jaw-dropping stats, photos and guides. It’s simply something for creatives to wake up to; with one carefully selected video, image, article and quote to get those juices flowing.

The free app, created by the Polish mobile developers at SALTO, has was only released yesterday, as is sure to continuously evolve over time. Honestly, there should be an app like this for every genre, with handfuls of information for different interests, like sports, politics, etc.

According to the official site, Brekkie will soon be available on iPhone too, and we can’t help by think that it would also translate nicely to email and the Web. Give the app a try via the link below, and then feel free to let us know what you think! Bon appétit!

➤ Brekkie