Cloud storage and file-syncing service Box has today pushed live new upgrades and introduced new features specifically for its enterprise users, making it a lot easier for IT managers and contributors to managed their Box accounts.

As part of its new rollout, Box has given its Admin Console an overhaul, allowing admins to perform company-wide searches, finding files owned and shared with other users, also making it easier for admins to add and manage access to Box accounts from smartphone and tablet device with the implementation of passcode locks.

Appealing to industries where file changes need to be noted, Box has updated its activity notifications so that notifications generated when comment are posted, tasks created, collaborators invited and files shared are synchronised with third-party archiving and monitoring systems.

Support for multiple email domains has also been introduced for companies that have teams operating in different countries or in different departments. Admins can create a central account that can then be extended to employees, regardless of their email address.

All of the above features are now covered by a new licensing agreement that offers multi-year pricing and volume discounts.

Many love the ease-of-use that Dropbox affords them but Box is pulling out all the stops become the defacto solution for company-wide file management.

New admin controls, passcode locks, notification exporting tools and multiple email support go some way to making it less of a hassle for IT admins.